Herbal Oil Drops

01. STEVIA DROPS - 20 ml

Geofresh Stevia Drops – 20 ml

Botanical Name - Stevia rebaudiana


Stevia liquid drops are made from the purest form of Stevia leaves. It is the healthiest, calorie-free, natural sweetener and substitute of sugar. It also contains several nutrients that boost overall health. It can be used in tea, coffee, smoothies, cakes, protein shakes or any recipe that requires sweetening.

Key Health Benefits:


Geofresh Noni Fruit Enzyme – 20 ml

Botanical Name - Morinda citrifolia

Noni Enzyme is extracted from Noni fruit variety of Morinda Citrifolia is the source of most effective supplements to supply back xeronine high level required for immunity booster. Noni contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements and sterols, It was discovered also that Noni has the full spectrum of amino acids, making it a perfect source of protein.